2 questions to help you achieve your goals

Questions are an important part of life and I want to share 2 important questions you want to be asking yourself to help you achieve your goals

Question 1: What can I do today to move me closer to achieving my goal of…?

This is a crucial question if you really want to keep moving forward and actually achieve your goals.

Ask the question and then write down your answers for the day.  These answers in turn become your goals for the day.

Here’s an example:

What can I do today to move me closer to my goal of getting an extra 100 people on my mailing list by the end of the month?

I can:

Write a new blog post which creates more traffic coming to my blog.  These people will be invited to join my mailing list and get free gifts.

Invite people within the blog post to download the free gifts and join my mailing list.

Promote my free gifts on all social media channels I regularly use and make the message specific to the audience.

That’s 3 things I can do in one day to move me closer to my goal.  All I need to do now is actually get on and do these things.

Another example.

What can I do today to move me closer to my goal of losing 5lb by the end of the month?

I can:

Go out for a walk

Prepare a healthy meal for this evening.

Make some home-made soup to snack on if I feel hungry and for lunch.

Eat 5+ fruit and veg portions.

Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Do a 15 minute dance session.

Make sure I do over 12,000 steps (using pedometer).

Let’s pause for a minute or so now and go ahead an do this exercise.

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your goal.
  2. Now ask yourself the question: What can I do today to move me closer to achieving my goal of…?
  3. Write your answers down.

Tip: Whilst I encourage you to have lots of goals, I also want you moving forward on your goals at a good speed.  Therefore I recommend you focus on no more than 2-4 goals at a time.

For example: The goals I’m working on today as I write this post are:

  1. Losing 5lb by the end of the month
  2. Increasing blog traffic
  3. Increasing my mailing list subscribers (1 and 2 actually tie in together a lot of the time
  4. Building my YouTube channel

I have other goals but these are what I’m working on most of the time.

At the weekend and in the evenings my goals tend to shift more to family and home goals. During the week my goals tend to be very business related.  I recommend you TIME SLOT your own goals so that you have a nice balance of achieving business/career/education type goals as well as your personal goals. 

Achieve your goals

Onto Question 2

What can I do right now to achieve my goal of…? 

or “What can I do next to achieve my goal of…?

This is your RIGHT NOW action step.  You can even ask, what can I do in the next 5 minutes that will move me closer to achieving my goal of…?

Okay here are some example:

Goal: Lose 5lb by the end of the month

Question: What can I do right now to achieve my goal?

Answer: Get up from the computer and do something physical for the next 10 minutes.

Goal: Get an extra 100 people on my mailing list before the end of the month

Question: What can I do in the next 5 minutes to move me closer to my goal?

Answer: Post a link on Facebook inviting people to get their free gifts and join mailing list

I often ask people what they have done in the last 24 hours to move them closer to achieving their goals and I often get replies like this:

  • Well I’ve been so busy this week, I haven’t had time…
  • I’m waiting until…
  • I’m going to start working on my goals when…

This way of thinking is never going to help you move closer to achieving your goals.

The only way you’re going to achieve your goals, any goals is to take consistent action.

If you have a burning desire to write a novel of 10,000 words and you write just 100 words a day then you’ll have a 10,000 draft written up within 100 days.

If you have a goal to lose 1 stone (that’s 14lb) If you lose just 1lb each month that will only take you 14 months.  Better than keep putting it off.

If you want to save £1000 in 6 months, a five minute task (or thereabouts) would be to set up a monthly transfer from your current account to your savings account.

Whatever your goal is and no matter how little time you have to dedicate to that goal, you can always find something that will move you close to that goal.

Brain Tracy, author of Eat that Frog and many other books aimed at helping you achieve your goals says, Successful people are simply those with successful habits.

In his book Eat that frog Brian Tracy recommends that you PLAN EVERY DAY IN ADVANCE.  He goes onto say “Your ability to set goals, make plans and take action on them determines the course of your life.”

If you haven’t read Eat that frog I highly recommend you do, especially if you have business goals.  I re-read this book several times each year to ensure I stay on track.

Asking these questions daily and throughout the day is a SUCCESSFUL habit, start building that habit today.

Another book I read recently on the subject of asking the right question is QBQ ~ The question behind the question by John G. Miller.  I found this a fascinating book as I’m a huge believer in personal accountability. The idea is that when we ask the right questions and ask those questions of ourselves rather than of others we get great results.


When to ask these question?

Ask your What can I do today..? question at the start of your day, or once you’ve got the kids off to school…  You can even ask it the night before?  What can I do tomorrow to move me closer to achieving my goal of…?  This is actually quite powerful as this will give your subconscious mind time to bring new ideas into your concious mind as you sleep.  Even if you ask the question the night before, still ask again in the morning.

Asking your right now questions can be done any time but here are some key times.

  • As soon as you’ve answered the “What can I do today?” question.
  • After you’ve finished a task/activity
  • When you’ve got a spare 2 minutes, 5 minutes, half an hour…

Okay so I really hope you’ve found this post useful.  If you have please go ahead and share it, some of your friends might really need this advice.

Now I want to make sure that the next time I bump into you in the street, on social media… that when I ask YOU “What have you done today to move you closer to achieving your goal?” you have an answer that starts “I’ve…” followed by the action you’ve taken.

Before leaving this page leave me a comment below and tell me what action you’ve taken to move you closer to achieving your goals.  If you don’t want to share your goals (which is absolutely fine, I have some I don’t share) then just type in I’ve taken action today to move me closer to achieving my goals. 

Free goal setting worksheet and tips to help you achieve your goals

Are online self help courses for you?

Personally I love online courses.  I love the freedom of being able to work through information in my own time and from the comfort of my own home and have support (usually) as I learn.

I have a range of online self help courses available ranging from my mini course ~How to be happy to my big speciality course Law of Attraction Bootcamp. I’ll talk a little more about those later on.

But are they right for everyone?

The answer is a clear “No!”

These types of courses are not for everyone.  We’re all very different and our style of learning is different.

How will I know if an online self help course is for me or not?

You know yourself better than anyone else in the world so you want to be thinking about how you enjoy learning.

  • Do you like to be in a classroom working face to face with a teacher and surrounded by other students?
  • Do you like to study alone?
  • Do you like to have face to face real time support?
  • Do you like self study at home with additional online support?
  • Do you like the support to be via a support group online or through private online support?
  • Are you someone who will move forward on a course without someone telling you it’s time?
  • Do you like a lot of hand holding?
  • Do you want the flexibility to work at your own speed?

These are some questions you really want to be asking yourself before purchasing an online course.  Of course not all online self help courses are the same.

Some offer online training without any support at all.  You just buy the information.  Others have Facebook groups where members can support each other and others have one to one private coaching included.

Warnings and advice if you’re thinking of purchasing a self help course.

As a coach who’s passionate about helping people create the life they want, my biggest frustration is when people buy my courses and then do nothing with them.  It’s crazy.  I’m all for people working through my courses in their own time but I really don’t understand it when I can see they don’t even get started.

Warning! Don’t buy things you don’t intend using.  They won’t help you at all, they’ll just take money out of your pocket or bank account.

Advice Start immediately and build momentum.  Set time aside in your diary to work through the course.  Make it consistent.  For example: 30 minutes every weekday evening after the kids have gone to bed.  Or every Monday for an hour before starting work.  The key is to get started and keep going.  Make a commitment that anything you start, unless you really hate it, and yes I’ve certainly investing in a few of them in my time, to keep going.

Warning! Don’t feel you have to do it alone.  I am able to check how my clients are progressing through a course through the online coaching platform I use and when I see they’ve started working through the modules and then stopped I’ll get in touch.  They often tell me they were struggling with an exercise or a question so they put it off.  In all of my courses I offer private support and I offer it because I want people to use it.  It’s usually the exercises that people struggle with that are the most important for that person.

Advice If support is offered ask for help when you need it.  Another thing I want to mention here is that my courses are module based and with questions at the end of each module. People who reply to these question get more, much more from me.  When they reply, I am able to help them specifically.  These people get much higher value from the course they bought and tend to have far greater success than those who do not reply.

Warning! If you’re someone who needs pushing to get on with the course then this style of course is not for you.  As difficult as it is for me, after years of coaching and providing online coaching courses I now do not chase people up.  A lot of work goes into the setting up of these courses and they are usually offered at a price that is lower than private coaching.  So it makes no sense for the coach to spend time chasing people who aren’t putting the effort in.

Advice If you need pushing, you may be better with private coaching where you meet up with a coach on a weekly/monthly basis.  I am personally available for private coaching via telephone/skype for a limited number of people and I have connections with coaches across the UK and worldwide if you require a coach near to you.  Contact me

More tips for choosing a self help course

If possible get in touch with the person offering the course, us coaches tend to be a pretty up front and genuine.  Tell them what’s going on in your life and ask for advice on the best option to work with them.  Tell them you’ve been looking at their course and ask for advice if you need guidance.

I’ve had people that have phoned wanting private (more expensive coaching) and I’ve advised them to opt for a specific course.  I’ll also guide people to my lower priced courses rather than my higher priced courses if I think that’s what is best for them.  I’ll also be honest and tell people if I don’t think I’m the coach for them.  After years of working with people all over the world, I now have a pretty good idea if we’re not a match or if I cannot offer what they need.  For example: I often work with people who are in business.  I work with them to create a positive mindset around their business, from the way they view their business, customers… to the way they interact with and guide their employees,  I’m pretty great at this.  Yes I do blow my own trumpet.  But what I can’t do is coach you in things like the best accounts system, employment issues, how to present your business to a bank for a loan… You’d be looking for a professional business coach or business advisor for that.

As I said we’re usually a pretty trustworthy and genuine bunch of people.  Most coaches have a genuine desire to help people, whether they gain from that help or not and are willing to recommend other specialists who would be a better match for what you want.

Check out what support is available

For me this is really important.  Whilst many of us like he freedom of working alone at a time that suits us and from the comfort of our own homes (maybe in our PJ’s).  I personally feel we do need some form of support if we get stuck.  So make sure you check this out.

Check time-scales that the course runs on

Is it an evergreen course where you’ll get lifetime access (for as long as the course is available) or do you need to complete the course in a certain time before it becomes unavailable to you?

Current online coaching courses available through Wendy Tomlinson Coaching.

At the time of writing this blog post I have the following online coaching courses available:

Law of attraction bootcamp.

This is one of my VIP packages consisting of training modules, private online support and further coaching via the questions and answers section of this course and a private members group on Facebook (strictly for members).  This course is designed to help people understand how the law of attraction works in our lives and get it working FOR us to attract the things we want. There are lots of practical exercises to help you.  For more information CLICK HERE

law of attraction bootcamp

EFT Club

First of all you can find lots of my Free Videos on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on my YouTube Channel Click Here if you’re not sure what EFT is or you just want some ideas.

EFT Club is for people who want a greater understanding of how to use EFT in their own life to release negative energy ~Negative beliefs & emotions ~ Without needing to follow a script offered to them by an EFT Master Practitioner like myself.

You’ll also receive private support and guidance.  Often when people tell me what they are tapping on, I will be able to offer a little suggestion in the wording they are using so that they have far greater results.  I can also guide people by asking questions that will lead them to a core problem they need to release.

I also show members how to use Positive EFT to boost all areas of their life.

Private support and a private members group are available with this course.

For more information Click Here

EFT Videos of the Year

Mini courses

How to Be Happy ~ This is a very popular course taking things right back to basics to increase the happiness in your life.

Goal Setting Formula for Business Success ~ If you’re struggling to set and achieve your business goals this mini course will help you get your goals in order so that you’re setting yourself up to succeed in achieving your business goals.

*** All mini courses are lower priced and come with private support.

Click here for current available Mini Courses

More courses are being added each year.

I hope you’ve found this post useful, if you have any questions concerning my coaching courses or working with me please do get in touch.  Click Here


P.S. Just for the ladies.  If you’ve got money block like it did, then check out Lucky Bitch Bootcamp with Denise Duffield Thomas.  It’s a fantastic course.

(I am an affiliate for  Lucky Bitch Bootcamp ~ Only because I love it and I’m a member myself so I do know first hand it’s a great course)


Achieve your goals ~ Is your roadmap the right way up???

Before you set your goals – Make sure you’ve got your road map in the right direction!!!

I had a long chat with my 13 year old son last night about his future.  He’s about to choose his options and has decided he wants to become a professional YouTuber.

We talked about lots of things and he understands fully that he’s likely to come up against some people who don’t think this could be a real career path…(blah, blah, blah).

Anyway I wanted to share one thing that I said to him and it’s something I say to coaching clients when they’re talking to me about their goals.

Make sure you’ve got your road map in the right direction!

So how will you know?  That’s easy.

Ask these two questions.

  1. Will I enjoy the journey?
  2. Will I enjoy the destination?

If you answer no to either of these then you’re probably not going in the right direction.

If you answered yes, keep going.  The journey may not always go exactly as you expected, you may hit upon some road blocks along the way.  But as long as you can keep answering yes, you’re on the right track.

Presley Swagarty, author of Be, Do and Have more say “Goals are the roadmap to success” and I absolutely agree.  He goes onto say that we wouldn’t set out on a journey without knowing the destination and that’s true, well at least it it for most people.

What if you’ve been working towards a goal for a long time and you realize your roadmap is facing the wrong direction?

A lady I was coaching some time back had this realization and this is what she said to me when she realized that she didn’t enjoy the journey and she didn’t even want to get to the destination she’d set.

“But I’ve been working towards this goal for so many years now, I’ll be a failure if I give up now!”

Now you may be reading this and thinking well that sounds crazy but I can assure you this lady was not alone in these kinds of feelings.  I hear this kind of thing time and time again.

We seem to have an in-built fear of failure.  I’ve got it and to a certain degree it’s powerful, we can use that fear to push us forward, but what happens when we do get that realization that the goal we’ve been working on is not what we want any more?

Certainly what happened to me was I found I’d given up on all my goals and the goals I was working on were someone else’s and I was trying to want the end destination but I didn’t.  I wanted a whole new direction.  Thankfully for me I got that new direction. I know now how to make sure my goals are my own and that I keep my road map the right way up, moving me in the direction of the goals I really want to achieve.

Let’s do a little reframing ~ Reframing is when you mentally put a different frame around what is going on.

I’ll be a failure because I’ve been working on this goal for so long (now remember we’re talking about a goal that you’ve now worked out get’s a no to these 2 questions ~ Will I enjoy the journey? and will I enjoy the destination when I get there?)

Here comes the reframe….

I’m smart because I’ve spotted that I’m on the wrong path and now I get to change direction and head in the direction of the destination I want.

There’s almost always a positive reframe that you can put on any negative situation, play around with this idea in your own life.

So now you’ve got your roadmap pointing in the right direction, you know where you’re going (that’s your measurable goal), you’ve said YES, you’ll enjoy the destination and you’re all set to enjoy the journey even if it’s a bumpy ride.

Now before you head off, with your roadmap let me give you a few survival tips


1. What happens if I hit a road block?  

I can pretty much guarantee this will happen at some point, maybe not with the goal you’re working on now but at some time, so here’s what to do.  You have two options

Option 1: You can find a different route ~ it happens sometimes, we’re you just have to try something different.  If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something different.  Sometimes a little tweaking makes a big difference.

Or you can remove the block ~ this is always necessary when it’s an emotional block.  If it’s an emotional block and you don’t clear it then it will travel with your wherever you go.

How to remove emotional blocks

We block ourselves in so many ways and these usually come down to negative or limiting emotions or negative beliefs what we’ve formed throughout our lives.  EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) often called tapping is a powerful technique that works with the energy in the body and in my opinion it’s the best way to release these blocks.

For a demonstration of how to use EFT watch this short EFT video explaining the tapping points and how this is effective.

You can effectively use EFT on your own by learning the tapping points.  If you find that you’re not getting results consult with myself or an EFT practitioner near you.

2 .What happens if I go off course?

The chances are you will go off course at some stage, maybe a few times and it’s okay, I think we all do it.  I know I certainly do.  I recommend that you have your goals written down and keep those goals in a folder.  Review these goals regularly.  I have mine on my desk with me every work day and I’ll often take them to read in the evening or even with me in the car if I know I’m going to have a wait.  The reason I do this and recommend you do it too is that you’ll quickly spot if you’re getting side tracked and going off course.  You’re also focusing on your goals whenever you review them ~ The law of attraction states that whatever we focus in we attract into our life.  It’s a no brainier for me, write your goals down and focus on them.

3. What happens if a few months down the line I realize this isn’t right for me and I don’t want it any more?

If that happens read through this post again, pin it to your pintrest board so that you can always refer back to it.  This happens and again it’s okay.  At the beginning of every year I review my long term, what I call my life goals.  Because I can tell you 100% hand on my heart, the life goals I had when I was 16, 21, 30 are not the same as they are now.  Some are but many got crossed off along the way and new ones got added.  We are changing all the time.  As we grow in ourselves and experience new things our goals will change and that’s completely natural.

Nothing is set in stone.  They’re your goals to do with what you want.

I create and recommend you do the same, new goals for each year and then at least once a month I read through all of my goals for the year and check in with myself as to whether I still want to work on and achieve those goals.  I then create my goals for that month based on these long term goals.

At the end of the day, your goals are just that. YOUR goals.  So you can choose when to work on them and when to let them go.

If you seriously want to achieve your goals ~ Focus on them.  Write them down and keep asking yourself “What can I do now to move me closer to achieving my goal of…?

Get your answer and do it!

Now if you like these tips and want to get your hands on my FREE achieve your goals worksheet CLICK HERE

Achieve your goal

Tips to help you achieve your goals from Gemma Venn (Peak Pathways)

Achieve your goals tips from Gemma Venn

Gemma Venn, author of Maximise your mornings.

Whilst a really big part of my own business is helping people achieve their goals, I always love to hear from other experts in the field.  So I asked Gemma Venn of Peak Pathways to share her top tips to help you achieve your goals.  I also got the opportunity to get to know Gemma a little better too.

Here’s our Q&A session:

Hi Gemma, please start off by telling us a little about yourself. 

I am the founder of Peak Pathways (a blog dedicated to personal development and self growth, and with big plans for 2015) and author of the 5* rated ebook ‘Maximise Your Mornings’, about creating a successful morning routine.
I am passionate about everyone maximising their potential and becoming all they can be in all areas of their life.
I discovered Personal Development when I was rebuilding myself after having a nervous breakdown in 2008. Personal development and all it encompasses, has helped me transform from an anxiety disorder-diagnosed and depressed person with agoraphobic inclinations into a confident, happy person with a passion for life, learning and adding value to other people’s lives.
When I am not helping others to Be All They Can Be, I enjoy spending time outdoors amongst nature with my son and husband, delving into Victorian history and working on my first novel.

Wendy: I absolutely love hearing about people who’ve made such a huge life change and then gone on to help others.  Well done Gemma, the world needs you.

Have you always been goal focused or is this something you’ve needed to work on?

I have never been innately goal-oriented, it is definitely something I have worked on. And I continue to work on it; I don’t think you ever stop learning about goal setting and achieving. Since I have set goals and plans for things in my life I have become much more focused, more conscious of where and how I allot my time, and have had fantastic results. My productivity has gone sky high too.

Wendy: I absolutely agree.  We never stop learning about goal setting and how to achieve our goals.  I’m constantly tweaking and getting new ideas.

When you set a goal, do you also set a time for it to be completed by?

I think it is important to set realistic deadlines on your goals but I also think they should be flexible.
If there is no end date then there will be no motivation to get started. You will just put it off and you will feel that you have plenty of time.
You need to always have that end date in mind as this drives you forward and keeps you motivated.
But life does get complicated sometimes and you need to adapt to that.
And sometimes when you start out on a goal it can become more complicated or you may want to go more in depth than initial plans dictated so you need flexibility to move and adapt your plans to go along with that. The reverse happens a lot too when the goal seemed bigger at the start but once you get cracking you race along so you can bring your deadline forward.


Wendy: I’m always really interested in how people answer this question.  Lots of my law of attraction friends say not to set a deadline.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  What I tend to do these days is set monthly goals rather than I must achieve xyz by …Date.

What are your top 3 tips for my readers to help them achieve their goals?

1. Don’t just set the end goal. Set the end goal AND plan your journey. Create a list of steps or mini goals that you can tick off as you go along. It keeps your momentum going and motivation high as you progress towards the end goal. The big goal always consists of many smaller steps. You cannot reach a destination without the journey after all.
2.Kick your own arse if it needs it. You know if you are slacking on something. You don’t need outside accountability to tell you this if you are truly honest with yourself. Self accountability is the strongest accountability you have so use it. Don’t beat yourself up though, just get tough and honest with yourself so you keep moving forward when you start to flounder or get too comfortable.
3. Know your why. Know why you are setting and working towards a certain goal. Have a vision of what it will be like when you have accomplished your goal, and how you and those around you will benefit. Your why is what will get you out of bed and get you cracking on what you need to do; the steps you need to take to make your goal happen. Your why is personal to you so only tell those who need to know. Keep your why in your head and heart daily to keep the motivation flowing.
Wendy: I always love hearing tips from other people and these are great.  Thank you so much Gemma for taking the time to share your Achieve Your Goals Tips with us.
For more tips to help you achieve your goals Click Here

 Please go and say “Hi” to Gemma.

Gemma can be contacted through her website www.peakpathways.net, via Twitter @litchickuk or directly via email GVPeakPathways@outlook.com
‘Maximise Your Mornings: Start Your Day the Best Way you Can’ is available on Amazon and in the Kobo store.
She is currently working on her second ebook due out in April.
Gemma’s Book